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Spring 2014


My Grandmother’s Sheets
- M. Bouvard
In My Sicilian Cart
- S. Buttaci
Irish Prayer
- N. Byrne
In the VA Hospital
- M. Candela
My Immigrant Grandpa’s Cottage
- A. Curran
- F. Diamond
A Dream of Joe
- C. Dodds
He Never Shut Up
- L. Dolan
La Sicilia
- J. Going
A Kind of Sacrament
- T. Johnson
I’m Writing Brochures for Travel Companies
- M. Lisella
Grandmothers Speak
- P. McClelland
All the Way
- J. McKernan
Cahir Castle
- K. Mitchell-Garton
Return to New York
- T. Peipins
- F. Polizzi
Lu Friscalettu/
The Reed Pipe

- N. Provenzano
At the Protestant Cemetery
- D. Pucciani
Evelyn McHale
- J. Raha
Gerry Summons Up The Past
- G. Sarnat
Doing Her Proud
- M. Trede
My Daughter Wears Her Evil Eye to School
- L. Wiley
Finbarr Enters the Poet’s Mind
- H. Youtt
Beyond the Animal Farm
- C. Yuan

Feile-Festa - Spring 2014

Unknown I – NYC
© 2009 Andy Kover