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Spring 2008


- A. Bodhràn
For Valentino Lo Bianco “In Memoriam” July 2007
- L. Calio
Elbow Grease
- M. Carroll
Sacred Sod
- G. Fagiani
The Name He Did Not Want
- V. Fazio
La Visita (The Visit)
- M. Frasca
Finn McCool Crosses the Line
- J. Hart
After the Glanconer
- J. Knight
- M. Lisella
Dun Arann
- J. Machan
Karaoke Swan Song
- P. Many
Sestina Terrona
- N. Matros
The Roofs of Siena
- J. McCann
- S. Moorhead
- P. Nichloas
Marriage Ellis Island Style
- F. Polizzi
The Years of Our Lord
- K. Scambray
The Girl with Botticelli Hair
- G. Tabasso
On a Dismal Night, in Dim Light Pondering a Tattered Map of Ireland
- H. Youtt

Jillian Foster Knight

After The Glanconer*

Your sweet smile.
Your honeyed words.

The way you held me
     I believed I was it.
          The only girl.

You sweet talk,
but I won’t fall again.

Positions are now reversed.
Now I strip you raw,
and leave you wanting,
     wanting more,
          more of the things I will never give.
I will never give you
what it is that you need.

I gave everything once.

* Ganconer or the Love Talker (Irish Mythology) seduces young women into falling in love.
After lovemaking, he disappears leaving the girl heartbroken and wasting away.