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Spring 2008


- A. Bodhràn
For Valentino Lo Bianco “In Memoriam” July 2007
- L. Calio
Elbow Grease
- M. Carroll
Sacred Sod
- G. Fagiani
The Name He Did Not Want
- V. Fazio
La Visita (The Visit)
- M. Frasca
Finn McCool Crosses the Line
- J. Hart
After the Glanconer
- J. Knight
- M. Lisella
Dun Arann
- J. Machan
Karaoke Swan Song
- P. Many
Sestina Terrona
- N. Matros
The Roofs of Siena
- J. McCann
- S. Moorhead
- P. Nichloas
Marriage Ellis Island Style
- F. Polizzi
The Years of Our Lord
- K. Scambray
The Girl with Botticelli Hair
- G. Tabasso
On a Dismal Night, in Dim Light Pondering a Tattered Map of Ireland
- H. Youtt

Maria Lisella


I jog to the Borghese Gardens,
pass the zoo’s furless creatures
bound up the steps
to Cardinal Scipione's Galleria,
catch a glimpse
of the Bernini sculptures
assuming their positions
on pedestals
in time to gape
at us studying them.
They return breathless
after a bacchanalian feast,
careful not to stain
their marble bodies with blood rich wine.
I imagine Apollo rushing Daphne
who will never be caught
in her desire to stay pure and free.
Like nosey neighbors,
the figures follow the drama,
throw their heads back,
recall yesterday's spectators
peering up Apollo's crotch
wrapped by Daphne's fingers
metamorphosed into laurel leaves
that clutch the warmest part
of his smooth, marble body
staking her claim forever.