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Spring 2008


- A. Bodhràn
For Valentino Lo Bianco “In Memoriam” July 2007
- L. Calio
Elbow Grease
- M. Carroll
Sacred Sod
- G. Fagiani
The Name He Did Not Want
- V. Fazio
La Visita (The Visit)
- M. Frasca
Finn McCool Crosses the Line
- J. Hart
After the Glanconer
- J. Knight
- M. Lisella
Dun Arann
- J. Machan
Karaoke Swan Song
- P. Many
Sestina Terrona
- N. Matros
The Roofs of Siena
- J. McCann
- S. Moorhead
- P. Nichloas
Marriage Ellis Island Style
- F. Polizzi
The Years of Our Lord
- K. Scambray
The Girl with Botticelli Hair
- G. Tabasso
On a Dismal Night, in Dim Light Pondering a Tattered Map of Ireland
- H. Youtt

Katharyn Howd Machan

Dun Arann

Two thousand years of stone and stone and stone –
these walls a circle in a circle, high
atop an ancient island, clouds of bone
above deep flowered grass, in Celtic sky.
We listen to the poets share their words
in Irish, English, English, Irish, lines
as intricate as thunder warning birds
that freest flight is more than wings from vines.
Wind stiffens; how can we hold to this place
of shared commitment? History has torn
us into separate truths beside the face
of justice, even though new poems are born.
And yet, hope makes a marriage in this day –
time-touched, here joined, we stay and stay and stay.