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Spring 2011


- R. Baldasty
Beloved Albatross
- D. Bastianutti
From Trã Bãn
- K. Cain
The Current (La Corrente)
- L. Calio
Down with the King
- M. Cirelli
May Mass – 1957
- L. Dolan
- G. Fagiani
Persephone’s Devotion to Her Mother
- M. Fazio
- V. Fazio
- D. Festa
L’Amour, L’Amour on Summer Afternoons (L’Amour, L’Amour D’estati Filuvespiri)
- M. Frasca
- S. Jackson
- W.F. Lantry
Little Swift
- R. León
Since You Asked
- M. Lisella
Dublin 2010
- V. Maher
39 Fifth Avenue
- C. Matos
Sunrise in Sicily
- A. O’Donnell
Watching Monzú at Work
- F. Polizzi
L’incontru (Rendezvous)
- N. Provenzano
Propriu Quannu Sta Scurannu (When the Day Is Almost Over)
- N. Provenzano
Bones (Le Ossa)
- D. Pucciani
- E. Swados
Mount Etna
- G. Syverson
Poet Jack Foley Says, “We’re Not Writing for Eternity
- J. Wells
Lord of Winter
- A. Zanelli

Kathleen Cain

From Trä Bän*
– for Paul & Dubhaltach O’Colmáin

Talking to the other passengers seems sacrilegious
but it lessens the fear of drowning. The clouds
reach long hands of light
into water now black, now brown, now blue.

The fishing boat of Seamasín Kane
pushes through waves without a shudder.
He’s sure of her. It’s the sea he watches.

We leave the cliffs of Dunquin, move out
beyond the headland, beyond the House
of Mór, old goddess-woman, watching us.

Three miles. Maybe four. Only one
certainty here – the great, fast-moving
sound, the rivers of water
we are crossing
we are crossing.

The island* sleeps, has slept
for fifty years and more, dreaming
her people. We are coming to wake her,
to say hello. We are coming over
to sift her shores. We are coming to stand
on the White Strand and learn what it means
not to love, so much, the mainland.

*trã bãn (Gaelic): the white strand
*Great Blasket island, off the Dingle Peninsula