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Spring 2013


- O. Arieti
Leather Dialogues
- D. Bastianutti
Visiting Yeats When The Center Cannot Hold
- A. Cohen
Olive Girl
- M. Crescenzo
Belle Harbor: Hurricane Sandy’s Legacy
- L. Dolan
I Dream I Speak Italian with Grandma
- G. Fagiani
For My Daughter’s Sixth Grade Heritage Project
- K. Falvey
-K. Falvey & G. Guida
- M. Fazio
DOSS0 2008
- C. Ferrari-Logan
New York Edifice
- D. Friedman
The Light
- S. Jackson
Cry Baby
- C. Lanza
Un Beso in Cuba
- M. Lisella
Now That You’ve Gone So Long
- M. Maggio
The Relocation of Mint
- S. Mankerian
- P. Meshulam
On the Transmigration of the Greek Soul
- C. Mountrakis
Eithela Na Sou Po
- P. Nicholas
In the Cold Night Air
- F. Polizzi
Arvuli A Primavera
- N. Provenzano
Still, Still
- D. Pucciani
Driving on the Left
- C. Stone
- G. Tuleja

Spring 2013


Remembering Ruth Singing Peggy Gordon
- K. Cain
Johnny on the Spot
- D. Dewey
Interview: Grace Cavalieri on her Italianitá, Poetry and Why It Makes Sense to Read a Poem a Day
- M. Lisella
Green Beans
- J. McCaffrey
- M. Ó Conchúir
For the Girl Lying on Her Back in a Field of Yellow
- A. Sunrise

Featured Artist
Renzo Oliva



D. Dina Friedman

New York Edifice

Tell me you’ve never noticed the gargoyles
on gabled roofs, their tongues hanging

and lower on the façade
ornaments someone took the time to design

with dreams of shouting, “here I am”
in the carved marble curls

From their bird’s eye view
they see the air inside our smiles

watch us talk about the threat of rain
the latest losses

of local teams, as if our lives were luxurious
in their transparency, like the glass revolving doors

we pass through in suits, on our way to the atrium
airy with fountains, unnoticed skylight

we take the elevator up.